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Tinder Matches Long Lost Brother & Sister


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A Tinder happy ending with a difference has been reported in the Netherlands after two long lost siblings were reunited after matching when using the dating app.

The siblings, 22 year old Josephine Egberts and 24 year old Erik de Vries both swiped right and matched, initially not realising that they were in fact brother and sister who had lost contact when they were children. The two were chatting via the app and after a few days Erik began suspecting that Josephine may be his younger sister. “I began to wonder to myself: it can’t be that I just had a Tinder match with my sister?” Erik said. He shared this with Josephine and after swapping family histories the suspicions were confirmed.

They last saw each other 15 years ago, after their parents separated their father moved Erik and his twin brother Maarten to Belgium. Josephine stayed with their mother in the Netherlands and they eventually lost contact.

Erik and Josephine decided to meet a week later in a café in the Netherlands to confirm their suspicions and they now plan to stay in touch. Josephine said “When I saw him, it was suddenly very clear. It was so special to see my own blood brother again after 16 years.” Maarten, Erik’s twin brother is also happy about the reunion having set out to find Josephine a few years earlier.