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These 19 Tinder Moments Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Looking for love on Tinder can be a goldmine or a minefield. Maybe you’ll match with the man or woman of your dreams; maybe you’ll find a creep who leaves you with your jaw on the floor for all the wrong reasons.

These 20 confounding Tinder conversations may make you wary about ever swiping right again if this is who you’re matched with. Take this girl, for example. “Don’t judge me on my age”? We’re not sure an actual judge would offer anyone the same courtesy if they actually hooked up with her.


We’re willing to bet that this guy’s been watching way too much Naruto. Give him credit, though: his powerful “genjutsu” worked as intended.


What the picture doesn’t show is the roll that he’s mounted by the computer, not to mention the one in the kitchen and the other in the garage.

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