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The Many Stages Of A Drunk Boyfriend


3. The don’t touch my girl aggressive drunk

Someone may possibly be giving you the eyes in the club or they may just simply be looking. The boyfriend will use this moment to let everyone know that you are with them. It will often cause embarrassment and a lot of macho head and arm movements will be used.

4. The soppy drunk

A this time the boyfriend will be apologising for the above stage and trying to calm you down. They will throw around the phrase ‘i love you’ like a cowboy at a rodeo and there will be an onslaught of kissing and cuddling. If you are not with him when he enters this stage your phone will be ringing off the hook, you’ll have 10 voicemails and a few disjointed texts that say something like ‘III fkingh linveo yokuou xxxkkkx’.