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The Many Stages Of A Drunk Boyfriend


We’ve all been there, the moment a ‘few drinks’ turns into a dozen, a ‘quiet one’ turns into the most mental night of the year, and your ‘last one’ turns into the first of twenty ‘last ones’.

Of course everyone is different, but once they’ve got a few (dozen) beers down the hatch, boyfriends seem to go through a pretty foreseeable procedure that I think most other halves can relate to. I’m sure a few of these if not all will resonate with you.

1. The silly drunk

This usually occurs right at the start of the night when you realise they’re not quite sober anymore, but they’re not doing anything too embarrassing as of yet. At this stage there is a high chance they’ll come up to you at the bar and introduce themselves as if they don’t know you, for some reason they think it’s charming.

2. The I’m not that drunk drunk

Both boys and girls are guilty of the denying stage. However, boyfriends are the worst. They insist they are completely sober despite the fact they’ve just tripped over nothing and demand they need another drink.

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