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The 18 Greatest Things About Being “Ugly”


In today’s modern world, we’re so focused on celebrity and beauty, that it’s very easy for people to feel uncomfortable with being “unattractive”. It’s seems the “prettier” you are, the further you’ll go in life and the happier you’ll be.

However, reddit user, Applango, wanted to know if this really was the case, and whether or not there are some perks to being seen as unattractive. The post prompted some very eye-opening, and hilarious, responses, and we’ve gathered the best.

1. “People assume your successes are based on your skills.”– Stockholm-Syndrom
2. “No one will pay your ransom. Therefore less likely to be kidnapped.” – coolkeep9
3. “Get to play tinder on hardcore mode.” – MagicMikael
4. “People laugh at your jokes for real.” – Code247
5. “I’ve never had anyone pander to me, I know all my friends like me for me, and I’m not held to the same standards a lot of women are by society.” – TreeOfLight
6. “No sense of entitlement instilled at an early age.” – cooze08

7. “Most people will be more genuine around you. Attractive people tend to intimidate others and cause them to act differently to what they normally would.” – jarmac-
8. “When a woman expresses interest in me, I can basically be 100% sure it is actually based on who I am and not just looks/money because I certainly don’t have any of that.” – pistachiopaul
9. “I have never been cat called.” – TreeOfLight

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