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PokeMatch Allows Pokemon Go Players To Find True Love


While people go around in a bid to “catch ‘em all,” “Pokemon Go” has brought them together – ardent “Pokemon Go” fanatics and converts alike. Their mutual fondness for the decades-old franchise led the way for development of numerous dating apps based on the free-to-play virtual-reality game.

One of the more lauded dating apps associated with the game is “PokéMatch,” as it run things just like Tinder – users need to swipe right on people they want to date.

“PokéMatch” allow players to single out Team Valor, Instinct, Mystic or any of these teams in a bid to narrow down their searches. It features a messaging service, just like any other dating apps. In order to qualify, users must be willing to play “Pokémon Go” with their dates.

Although “PokéMatch” does not link with “Pokemon Go” maps as for now, developers haven’t quite ruled out that possibility. The next update for the app includes a friend-matcher, for players who are just hunting buddies and not romantic relationships.

“Pokémon Go” has had a whopping 10,000 matches across 15 countries in the first four days of its debut, Tech Crunch reported.

According to co-creator Pim de Witte, “the insane growth” is dreamlike.

“PokeMatch” is created by de Witte, Rene Roosen and Troy Osinoff. The idea transpired when one of de Witte’s friends wanted to find a date but also wanted to hunt for Pokemon, Forbes reported.

The concept behind “PokeMatch” is to open up an avenue of opportunities for relevant dates based on the shared love for Pokemon. Citing the sky scraping number of downloads “Pokémon Go” is getting; “PokeMatch” is likely to cash in plenty.

“Pokemon Go” has been lauded for inviting people to step outside the comfort of their homes and get some much-needed exercise and fresh air.

Besides Pokemon-themed dating sites, people have been able to find love and have made solid friendship while trying to get their hands on rare Pokemon in the streets.

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