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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Reportedly Addicted To Tinder



If you’ve always dreamed of dating a celebrity then Tinder may just be the way forward after it was recently reported that Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio has admitted to actively using the app.

Star Magazines’ insider source claims that he was using the app to “see who is out there” and although he hasn’t met anyone yet, he’s obsessed with swiping through the profiles for fun. He’s also admitted to using the imaginative fake name ‘Leonard’ in an attempt to hide from his celebrity status, we’re sure his photos give it away though.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t the only celebrity on Tinder, DiCaprio claims may others are using the app and Hilary Duff recently admitted to using the app and even going on her first Tinder date.
Have you spotted any celebrities on Tinder?

Source – Star Magazine