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Guys Go On Tinder Dates, Meet Angry Ex Boyfriends


One Tinder prank nearly went epically wrong after YouTube prankster Fousey decided to show guys just how dangerous dating on Tinder could actually be.

While it is usually the girls that get all the warnings and speeches about caution before meeting guys online, one ‘angry ex’ scenario showed how wrong that actually is.

The prank went like this:

Step One: Create a fake profile for a ‘hot woman’
Step Two: Use said profile to contact guys and flirt with them, eventually setting up a date
Step Three: ‘Hot woman’ meets the guys and lets them think they’re about to get pretty lucky
Step Four: ‘Hot woman’s’ VERY angry ex storms into the room and tries to start a fight.

The bewildered guys had a range of reactions from wanting to get down to fighting with the guy, to claiming they were gay and hilariously, only there to watch The Notebook.

Now while the prank was funny – and cut short before anyone actually got hurt, the concept is actually a pretty real danger, not that most guys will think twice next time a fit woman swipes their way.