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20 Problems Only People On Tinder Will Understand


1. The ‘Tinder fear’ is real.

Walking into a bar and scouting the room for ‘matches’ is a familiar problem when you go out.
looking around

2. Actually bumping into someone you’ve matched with at a bar.

What will your friends say? You told them you’d deleted it months ago and you were totally not prepared for this face-to-face encounter.

3. Leaving your phone out is a nightmare

Leaving your phone out when you’re at work, at a bar, at dinner or even on a date is a nightmare scenario. You do not want your friends/colleagues/family seeing the ‘you’ve got a new match’ notification. That would be mortifying.

4. Your non-single friends wanting to ‘have a go’ on Tinder.

Then stitching you up and swiping right on all the creeps. Yeah, thanks guys.

5. Admit it

You’ve got pins and needles in your thumb before from all the swiping.
tinder swipe

6. Wondering if you’ll ever meet anyone decent on there.

You’ve been on dates, you’ve got over 100 matches, you’ve tried sprucing up your profile yet here you are on Friday night alone with your finger hovering over the app icon yet again…

7.…The app you’ve deleted and downloaded again about three times now

Each time swearing that you were ‘done’ with Tinder for good. No, really guys this time I really mean it. Or not.

8. You’ve contemplated just saving a standard response in your notes

Saying, ‘Hi I’m good thanks, you? I work at … My hobbies include…’ because it’s inevitable you’ll be asked that with every new match. That, or a hilariously witty (read: cringe-inducing) chat up line.

9. The chat up lines.

Original they may be, but you wonder how people actually bring themselves to use them. Though you may have laughed once or twice. Secretly.
chat up line

10. Gearing yourself up for yet another date

…and yet another disappointment.

11. Your match doesn’t look like their pics

Yes, it’s funny how he forgot to mention he was 5’2” anywhere in all of our messages. Or how she’s put on 2 stone since the photos were taken in her profile.
tinder date v real date

12. Vowing to give up dating for a month.

13. OK a week. Yes, let’s not be too hasty now.

Plus that new match looks pretty dreamy!

14. Your friends assume every notification on your phone is from Tinder.

Admittedly, it is or your new Tinder flame Whatsap-ing you, but still. You’d rather they had a little faith in you having a life.

15. But…

Though that’s a tad difficult when you spend roughly over an hour on there every time you go on it.

16. Your boss catching you swiping at work.

More than once. Oops!

17. You’re so addicted…

That swiping when you’re sitting on the toilet is now a routine
phone on toilet

18. Your phone should be taken off you when you’ve had one too many drinks

because you’ve decided to drunkenly message to your last 12 matches. ‘Hey! What are you up to tonight?’, or sometimes worse. Oh dear.

19. Totally not believing yourself when you tell your friends ‘it’s just a bit of fun’.

You’ve definitely already pictured cosy nights in on the sofa with your new beau – who probably won’t last more than three dates in reality.

20. But you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of it for good

because let’s face it: it’s a major ego boost, it can be fun, you’ve discovered at least five new bars that you’d totally visit again, how else could you find a date in your PJs?!

Oh, Tinder. We love you really!