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12 Things That Women Have Had To Do To Get Away From Creepy Guys



“I went on a date to the beach with this guy and he invited me to his house. We ate some food and afterwards he kissed me. It made me a little uncomfortable so I told him I had to go, and that I had plans. He tried to convince me to stay, and then said that I couldn’t leave until I said I would be his girlfriend. Red flags are going off and so I tried to keep the mood very light, and started to gather my things while saying things like like “Oh, you really like me hey? That’s sweet…” I went to leave and suddenly he’s in front of me, grabbing my wrists and asking me to be his girlfriend. Yeah, ok bud, whatever you say. I’m your girlfriend now. Unfortunately, he drove, so I told him my parents lived nearby (not true) and I would just walk there. I really didn’t want him to know where I lived at this point. He follows me out into the street, offering me a ride, trying to hold my hand and walk me home. So I just bolt. I broke a flip flop that day.
I think he followed me for a while but I got far enough ahead of him. It was about two hour walk home so I think eventually he just gave up. It started raining on the way. I remember being in my bathing suit and a dress, holding my shoes, running in the rain and laughing about how much I’d rather be there on the side of the road than in that guys house for one more minute.
We’ve been dating ever since!
(JK, I broke up with him over text message when I got home. Apparently, it’s not so easy to force someone to be your girlfriend.)”


“I once told a guy at a party that his personality was so disgusting it made me want to vomit. He didn’t believe me, and continued to hit on me. So I voluntarily vomited on him just to get my point across.”