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12 Things That Lovers Of The Single Life Know To Be True


Some people see being single as a death sentence. Destined to sit on the shelf never to be picked. The world does carry on turning if you’re not in a relationship you know? While couples are on dates or being annoyingly cute, us single types do still go out and have shit tonnes of fun.
There are some great perks to being single. You can be lazy, selfish and genuinely spend your time enjoying your own life. Don’t get me wrong, relationships are fine for some people, but to paraphrase Cindi Lauper, “single people just wanna have fu-uuuuuunnn.”
Here are 12 things that people who have always been single will find so true…

1. Sharing a bed with someone is the most uncomfortable thing EVER

You’ve never been in a long term relationship, so sharing a bed is a totally alien concept. You love to spread eagle, hog the covers and really wriggle during the night. On the odd occasion that you do have to move over, the slightest touch from someone else in the bed drives you crazy.

2. You’ve been a third wheel more times than you can remember, and you don’t care

Your mates all have girlfriends, and you have absolutely no qualms crashing their plans. Pub, cinema, picnic, dinner, you’ve crashed them all, and you really don’t mind.

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