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11 Hilariously Stupid Arguments All Couples Have



Relationships are multifaceted journeys and even though a couples social media is all romantic selfies and amorous love messages, behind closed (slammed) doors, it isn’t all sunshine and roses and things can kick off in the most dramatic ways over the silliest things.

It seems some fights are more common than others and these 11 are ones many of you may relate to.

1. The music in the car

During the early stages of your relationship, you’ll both be insisting the other play whatever music they like because things are new and glorious, you probably just got laid and you’re so smitten and excited you couldn’t give a damn what’s playing. As the relationship develops, you’ll realise you’re sick of their incessant song switching and lack of any real commitment to listen to a track the whole way through. You’re determined to play your songs and the struggle for car DJ is real.

2. Sleeping

When you first get together, you end up sleeping wherever you land in your post-sex slumber and there’s not a care in the world for ‘sides of the bed’. As time goes on, your actual sleeping hours become more important. Then you learn they snore, or they hog the entire duvet, or they like to lay in a starfish position, or they just opt to going diagonally across the whole bed (guilty). If you’re the selfish sleeper, you may just find yourself pushed onto the floor in the middle of the night or perhaps an elbow to the face (personal victim of said behaviour).

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