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10 Types Of Nightclub Girl That You Wouldn’t Take Home To Your Mum


Clubbing is great fun and as a guy it gives you an opportunity to try out some of your new chat up lines on some unsuspecting ladies.

An important thing to remember about girls in clubs though is that not all of them are as classy and tasteful as their glasses of white wine will have you believe.
Would you take them all home to meet your mother?! Of course not. There are just a whole myriad of girls you’ll see in a nightclub that would never get your Mum’s approval. Here are ten of the big ones to watch out for.

1. The Chain Smoker

This is the girl who gets into the club at 9pm, gets a comfy seat in the smoking area, and chain smokes till dawn. Not interested in cutting loose and enjoying the atmosphere, she is an ashy mess who only wants to further stain her teeth and nails. You might occasionally see her venture in the ladies toilets, but only to see if there is a cigarette machine.

2. The Chunder Blunder

The girl who hits the shots early on; however by the time the night kicks off properly, is vomiting her chicken dinner and cheap vodka in a toilet cubicle. A proper lightweight, your mother would never approve of someone who was so unladylike.

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